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*Who are we?* We are owner-operated and only book one job per day. We take care with every item and property, including pool tables. *What experience, skills, qualifications and training do we have to make us the right people for the job?* We have 15 years' experience in moving furniture and heavy items. Extra trolleys, including electric stair climb fridge trolley, and lifting straps are used. All items are also wrapped in blankets and packed with care. *Is there a particular aspect of our trade that we specialise in?* We specialise in pool table moving, levelling, reclothing and repairs. Extensive use of blankets and packing for every cubic metre inside the truck. *How do we normally charge for our service?* We charge only for time worked by starting the stopwatch when we arrive and calculating times in minutes worked from start to finish. *What makes our pricing competitive?* Our pricing and estimated number of hours to complete your move are acurately calculated. We won't quote you an unrealistic number of hours for the move. We offer budget rates while completing your move with care. *How you can save money before we start the moving process for you?* Use proper moving boxes, wrap all crockery in paper, pack plates vertically, pack boxes with half heavy and half lighter items to ensure boxes are not heavier than 20kg, move as many items out of your rooms into the garage, and ensure you allow us access to pick up furniture in rooms. *What are the typical things that we need to know before we can provide you with a quote?* Is your house above or below the street level? Houses below street level take longer to load and unload. Internal stairs and lifts take more time to negotiate. *Are we an insured business and do we guarantee our work?* Yes, we are fully insured and always take extra special care not to damage any items or properties, both inside and outside. *What makes us the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?* We offer full advice and truthful information about how we complete your removal so that you are aware of all aspects of how your removal will be completely safe and efficient. *Here's our favourite customer story we would like to share:* A lady in Taigum moved out of a townhouse with difficult internal stair access and heavy bedroom furniture. We had to start at midday so the move went into the nigh The lady paid for us to stop and have dinner. There is no exact time that a removal will take; they are all different. *How did we decide to get into our line of work?* We have worked with moving pool tables, pinball machines and arcade equipment and believed that we would be qualified to move furniture safety and efficiently. *FAQ* - How long should our removal take? This depends on how organised you are, access in and out of properties. - Can we help on the day? Yes if you want to help to move smaller items and be involved with information about where items are placed, this will save you time on the day. - What do we like most about our job? Making sure that our customer's removal is completely stress-free and placing items strategically in the house so that settling in for our customers is easy. Please call us for a quote!

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